3D Creative Puzzle - No glue, no scissors required - Simple plug-in system! 

Four world famous landmarks as 3D building puzzle - A highlight for every viewer!


First, the building is individually designed and then assembled. Thanks to the precise plug-in system MADE IN GERMANY, the puzzle pieces fit perfectly into each other without gluing and cutting and form a stable 3D structure.  


Painting the 3D buildings is possible with crayons, markers, fineliners, highlighters, opaque paints, etc. 


An ideal gift for children that promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity and concentration! 


M.I.C. With creative ideas, long-term and goal-oriented strategies to economic success. Your partner for extraordinary and creative puzzle ideas! 

Product details:

Creative 3D Puzzle

4 different motifs

Eiffel Tower - puzzle size:

approx.: 20 x 20 x 42 cm 

Big Ben - puzzle size:

approx.: 10 x 10 x 39 cm

Leaning Tower of Pisa - puzzle size:

approx.: 10 x 10 x 26 cm 

One World Trade Center - puzzle size:

approx.: 10 x 10 x 59.5 cm

4 sheets each 21 x 28 cm

Individual packaging: approx.: 22.0 x 29.5 x 3.0 cm

weight: approx. 0,210 kg

VE: 12 pieces in outer carton

*Motifs & color design reserved


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